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“Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body.” – Joseph Addison

The Senior - Issue #5

April 2020

The impact of Covid-19 affected even The Senior.  Often times of change and disruption allow for new creative avenues however and here this was no different.  We experience a momentous meal at the most noted table at the Wolseley and we travelled around the world all within the safety of home before reinventing oneself Gatsy-esque from the bathtub.

18th March, 2020

Defiance, solidarity and optimism over lunch in the time of the Coronavirus.

This article was first published online by YOLO Journal.

Edification at Harry's Bar

2nd April, 2020
Harrys Bar Venice 1.jpg

My career as a cutlery thief was short-lived. After successive daily visits to Harry’s Bar over the course of a Venetian holiday in 2007 I was so keen to take away a physical memento of a final afternoon (spent at what was reputed to be Hemingway’s preferred table) that I pocketed a teaspoon.  Here is the tale and the ramifications, as well as an insight as to the best table in the house.

Room 31, Ritz Paris

29th March, 2020
Room31 Ritz 2.jpg

During WW2 Hemingway and his future wife, were ensconced in Room 31 of the Ritz Paris, and apparently lived “on little besides Lanson Brut champagne and the wonder of being together.”  A prescient mediation for self-isolation.  Top up on Lanson now and read by original article on the subject origianlly published in Issue #2


Il faut d'abord durer

The Wine List 6 - Latour

21st April, 2020

Seeing reflections of British Royalty in Chateau Latour.

The Senior Wine List continues in a topical fashion

21st March, 2020
YOLO Journal Pens.jpg

Travelling without moving. How repentance for cutlery theft created a pen collection.

Published on YOLO Journal Instagram

22nd March, 2020

A sentimental, emotional piece written at the start of the UK's Covid-19 pandemic.  Thoughts on telepresence and digital connections.

Go Bag

bugbag 2.JPG

Matt at Wm Brown Magazine requested that I send in an image of my "Go Bag" or "Bug Out Bag" as part of an Instagram tag.  Matt put it like this "I’ve always been fascinated with the “go bag” or “bug out bag” the stuff you pre pack to survive for a specific time out in the field. My military buddies and the OG doomsday preppers are very good at this kind of thing."  The above was my own submission.

A Garden in Venice

29th March, 2020
Hermes Lagune.jpg

Like the taste of a madeleine in Proust, scent too can be extremely evocative in conjuring up memories from our past. The smell of our own grandmother’s house, our mother’s perfume, the smell of diesel on our father’s work-wear, the aroma of our lover’s cigarette. Fragrance then too, like great writing, can also evoke places in our imagination — even those we’ve never visited...

Rich Memories

24th March, 2020
YOLO Journal Holiday.JPG

YOLO Journal kindly reached out to me to ask where in this time of lockdown I was hoping to return to when the situation allowed.  This was my response...

R&R from the Bathtub

11th April, 2020
Wm Brown RR.jpg

I originally wrote this article as a submission for Wm Brown Magazine.  Contemplation and self-imposed isolation from the bathtub...


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