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“Think before you speak. Read before you think.” – Fran Lebowitz

The Senior - Issue #3

Winter 2019

Which genius thought it reasonable to dedicate two articles to rose wine out of season?  Fortunately champagne (Krug at that) is also served before a friendly, filling main meal with good Claret.  We start our own tradition by discussing watches and offspring.  We look at the heirlooms of American royalty and, before we know it, it's Christmas. 

15th October, 2019

Re-invigorated after a trip to California the Senior continues an exploration of fine wine.  We turn the page of the wine list to sample great bottles from Champagne.  Lanson, Bollinger and Krug are all subjected to an opinion.

Wine List | Miraval

20th October, 2019
Miraval Bottle.jpg

I don't typically do things by halves but sometimes in life one must bend the rules in order to create something better. Section three of the wine list, like the Godfather trilogy, is a two-parter.  This time we look at rosé.  Starting with Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's Estate.  I recommend enjoying a bottle whilst watching the grossly underrated "By The Sea."

Wine List | SQN

25th October, 2019
Chichvarkin Mug Shot.jpg

Like the Godfather Part 2, this piece is in fact two histories which share a common theme.  A look at two masterminds.  It's a long Sunday Paper type of affair.  It's sort of like what How to Spend it might read like if written by a outsider amateur or self besotted genius in need of an editor.

A Remembrance of Time Past

11th November, 2019
Omega WW2.jpg

Why $31M for a wrist watch isn't nearly enough and why you shouldn't write drunk.  Despite this I quite like my honesty.  Given I've probably told this story a few times drunk already it seems appropriate to keep it exactly as written too.

4th November, 2019
Tour Haut Caussan 2005.jpg

Here we move into the main course of the wine list.  Like "Steak Bordelaise in Bone Marrow Jus" at Brasserie Zedel this is rich mouth-filling affair that will warm your belly like your mother's cooking too.  Consume in small mouthfuls if needed and always chew well before swallowing (as The Senior found out recently).  Most importantly may it spur lively discussion  and good meals with your friends and loved ones too. 

14th September, 2019
Patek Generations.jpg

Don Draper was relegated to the second most talented Creative Director in advertising behind the visionary who came up with the Generations campaign for Patek Philippe. For the Senior the campaign reached its peak with this video


14th September, 2019
Kennedy Sailing.jpg

You can keep your 100m+ megayacht.  Despite my obvious love of gin not for me the floating gin palace.  If I could have any yacht in the world it would be John F. Kennedy's SY Manitou.  Lines so sexy they could have been delivered by Marilyn Monroe singing "Happy Birthday"


14th September, 2019
Red Gate Farm.jpg

Jackie Kennedy Onassis with her friend Bunny Mellon (worthy of a dedicated post herself - but check out the biography) developed her own wonderfully relaxed American aesthetic.  Here is Jackie's Martha's Vineyard estate, Red Gate Farm, currently on the market with Christie's International Real Estate.  A picture of Americana in it most escapist, idealised form.

The Pullman Gallery

16th October, 2019
Pullman Gallery.jpg

Mark Birley was a customer of Pullman Gallery which should be enough to convince anyone with any taste of a need to visit.  If more encouragement is needed in an FT interview he called them  “A pocket of resistance in a world of mediocrity”.  Not only one of the best shops in London but one of the best shops anywhere.

The Senior Christmas List

20th December, 2019
Bing Frank Christmas 2.jpg

I've been told I'm a difficult man to buy for.  As if to prove this belief wrong here are my picks for Christmas gifts for the Senior and seniors-alike.  Containing everything for the champagne-imbibing, cigar-smoking, scarf-wearing, dog-walking, caviar-enjoying, dice-rolling, Negroni-quaffing, hip-flask-carrying, train-journeying, gentlemen’s-barber-shop-scented bibliophile (and audiophile) in your life. 


You've reached the end of this issue.  Back issues available below.

If you have any comments, requests or recommendations for future editions please reach out to me via Instagram at @mrharrisonsr

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