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The Pen is Mightier...

After my short-lived and guilt-ridden life as a cutlery thief at Harry’s Bar Venice I sought to reform myself. They say that to truly make amends for a transgression one must apologise to your victims. Not having the opportunity to speak to Arrigo himself, I instead resorted to retelling the tale of my guilt to his compatriots in the hospitality industry at the end of every great meal or drinking session I enjoyed in similar establishments. Perhaps as a result of their compassion, perhaps in order to get rid of the inebriated man telling them a verbose unnecessarily long-winded tale of tea spoon-theft in Venice, or perhaps because of warm solidarity and forgiveness I ended up being given branded pens instead. To everyone in the restaurant, bar and hospitality industry who has given me a pen over all those years I wish you best of luck right now. Stay strong and endure. My pen collection is far from finished.

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