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“Read the best books first, or you may not have a chance to read them at all.” – Henry David Thoreau

The Senior - Issue #2

Issue 2 - Autumn 2019

The Senior undertakes a bar crawl from Paris to London; a visit to Maison Dolin - the world's best vermouth producer; we take a tour of Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger's homes; explore chic taste with William McLure and Rose Uniacke; we cast an initial glimpse at Chopard's Alpine Eagle; and open pages of the Senior Wine List.  After all that imbibing a trip to the Loos in the Mews at Annabel's is in order.

August, 2019
HNYB Paris.jpg

The Senior reports from the bar in which James Bond lost his virginity and the world lost a whole generation. Ask the driver for Sank Roo Doe Noo and I'll meet you there...

Ralph's, Bedford

14th September, 2019
Ralph Lauren Bedford.jpg

Ralph Lauren combines old-w0rld manners with American genius.  He's the Horace of our age.  I have a Pinterest board dedicated solely to this property (and the Double RL Ranch too).  Ralph's Bedford study is perhaps the most perfect room I've ever seen.

William McLure

14th September, 2019
William McClure.jpg

Cy Twombly for the instagram era.  A man overflowing with prodigious aesthetic talent and energy which he pours onto canvas, floors, walls, tablescapes...

Chopard Alpine Eagle

2nd October, 2019
Alpine Eagle.jpg

The Senior gives his liver a rest whilst looking at horological developments:  Chopard's new instant classic - the Alpine Eagle.

2nd October, 2019
Ivy Wine List_edited.jpg

To a wine lover there is something magnificent about a wine list, like a cookbook to an amateur chef, or a blank canvas to an artist, it implies infinite sense of possibility.  This is the start of a personal list including some of the producers and wines that have impressed me over my life.  Here it starts, like my wine passion itself with Puligny-Montrachet, moving on to Meursault and finally classically inspired new world Chardonnay.

17th September, 2019

The Senior visits Maison Dolin and imparts advice on making and enjoying martinis at home...

Tommy's, The Plaza

14th September, 2019
Tommy Hilfiger Plaza Bedroom.jpg

I had long been enamoured by the photo shoot Harpers Bazaar did of Tommy Hilfiger's electic apartment atop the Plaza.  Architectural Digest went one better and produced this stunning video.  Seek the images out on Google however for inspiration.

Queen of Serene

14th September, 2019
Rose Uniacke House.jpg

10,000 sq ft of serene perfection.  An exercise in taste and restraint.  The perfect blend of architecture and interior design. Rose Uniacke's Pimlico masterpiece filmed masterfully by Nowness.

Loos in the Mews

6th October, 2019
Annabels Loos 3.jpg

It could be said I’ve crossed the threshold with this one.  Seemingly expounding a love for latrines, Mitford, Victoria Beckham, Mark Birley, John Wayne, Krug and most of all Annabel’s nightclub.  From this description at least this article has it all.

Dukes, London

14th September, 2019
Dukes 3.JPG

Dukes is a small bar in the same way that Fenway is small ballpark or that Humphrey Bogart, perhaps the largest man onscreen, was only 5’8’’. Its global reputation and stature completely transcend its physical constraints. To anyone who has successfully meandered around the clubland-lined streets of St. James in search of it Dukes is renowned as the font from which the world’s best Martinis flow...


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If you have any comments, requests or recommendations for future editions please reach out to me via Instagram at @mrharrisonsr

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