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"If at first you don't succeed try and try again"

Summer, 2019

In order to become a published writer it helps if you've written something. The first issue gets of to a start with apologies to Ian Fleming.  Brief articles on the 1855 Classification of Bordeaux, dreams of a Cartier Tank, we cut garlic with a razor and outline the major influences behind the first issue...

Winter, 2019
Paul Newman Reading Feet.jpg

Issue #3 bore fruit with over many bottles of wine.  Champagne, rose and good value Bordeaux received the Wine List treatment.  My WW2-era RAF watch was given a topical a write-up too.  Before readers knew Christmas was on us...

April, 2020
James Stewart Reading 2.jpg

The impact of Covid-19 affected even The Senior.  Often times of change and disruption allow for new creative avenues however and here this was no different.  We experience a momentous meal at the most noted table at the Wolseley and we travelled around the world all within the safety of home before reinventing oneself Gatsy-esque from the bathtub

Autumn, 2019
William Powell Reading.jpg

Issue #2 found the longer-form essay after a great deal of imbibing.  Harry's NY Bar Paris, Dolin Vermouth, Annabel's Mayfair and DUKES Bar all receive a write-up.  The pages of The Senior Wine List are opened too with a look at Puligny-Montrachet and Meursault...

March, 2019
Cary Grant Reading.jpg

The Connaught Bar featured a write-up.  More bottles of Bordeaux were consumed, Gordon's gin inspired a hashtag and The Senior considered what your watch says about you.

April, 2020
James Stewart Reading.jpg

Shorts whimsical pieces on menswear and fatherhood.

November, 2020
Plimptons Office.jpg

The Participatory Journalism issue - inspired by George Plimption

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