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“I acted like Cary Grant for so long that I became Cary Grant.” - Cary Grant

The Senior Issue #8

Issue 8 - December 21st, 2021

This issue has become a sort of buffet of some of the choicest morsels that I've written but not offfered for consumption here.  Dine on it as you will.  Pair it with something good.  A Plymouth martini would be a good foil.

6th October, 2021
The Senior Wolseley Exterior.jpg

A great restaurant can so often be a catalyst for living better.  This short imagined piece attempts to sum up the charm and allure of the Wolseley in a single small bite.

Dressing The Man

30th April, 2021
Cary Grant Dressing.jpeg

If you want to know what a man is thinking, to which school of thought he attends, just look at what he’s wearing. Like the school uniform of his youth, the stripes on his tie (or perhaps lack of a tie altogether) will reveal the professors under which he learns his way in life. Only the foolish would think that education stops at school...

Dry January

April, 2020
The Senior Martini Olives.jpg

January is a chance to wipe the slate clean and to start again. Perhaps in the new year we’ll learn another language; write that novel; buy less, but better; perhaps we’ll stop drinking for a month — perhaps not...

Books Do Furnish a Room


You have a book collection right?  Of course you do. Every man does. Perhaps it’s a stack next to your bed, the oak-panelled library that you retire to in the afternoon, or the middle-aged shelving solution in between. Nothing a many owns says more about him than his bookshelf...

The Dukes Bar Martini

1st June, 2021

The Dukes Bar martini is renowned the world over by consummate martini drinkers.  The experience of drinking a martini served by Alessandro Palazzi is singularly unique too.  The Senior attempts to sum up this experience with this fiction piece.

Pour Monsieur

30th September, 2020
The Senior Chanel.jpg

Good manners are timeless, they’re also something every parent hopes to instill in their children. As a father-of-five I’m reminded more often than most what kind of children I’m raising and what I might be able to pass on...

1st September, 2021
The Senior Whisky.jpg

I’ve often said that wines might be best characterised as women – each bottle variably elegant, lithe or full-bodied. White wines like blondes; red wines, brunettes; rosè, the redhead that you’d happily shelter from the summer sun with over lunch. If there’s a drink that similarly captures man its whisky.

7th December, 2021
Metropolitan Square.jpg

Christmas is perhaps the brightest marker that we pass on our annual circuit around the sun. Whilst our lap time doesn’t vary with the years, our performance often does, and so consider it that last order’s bell reminding you to make the most of the days remaining.

The Tender Trap at The Fumoir

29th September, 2021

Most men live their whole lives without knowing what it was like to go on a date with Ava Gardner.  For the price of a martini, at Claridge's a lone drinker can find out. 


You've reached the end of this issue.  Back issues available below.

If you have any comments, requests or recommendations for future editions please reach out to me via Instagram at @mrharrisonsr

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