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The Wolseley: An Oasis of Elegance

The thick curtains behind the small doors of the Wolseley brush over your shoulders as you enter.  There’s the sensation of a heavy overcoat being removed – as if shrugging off the day-to-day of ordinary life outside.  Friendly chatter fills the air and a vision expands in front of you as you step forward into the warmth; an oasis of elegance altogether different from the grey streets and sky you’ve just left behind.

From the comfort of your table your eye dances across the room, subconsciously taking in one timeless, evocative detail after another: The dinner-suited contrast between black and white; the sharp angles of a bow-tie in marbled monochrome on the floor; warm gold and silver accents, like the shirt-studs and cuff-links of occasion pressed against soft white cloth; the sheen of black polished leather just seen beneath trouserred legs; a red-lacquered carnation in a button-hole on the wall.


Light glitters off a thousand pieces of cutlery in motion like the diamonds from a ball-gowned neck. A feminine smile breaks lips to meet your gaze. The hands on the clock-face sit motionless. Your mood vaults upwards like the room itself.


You only came in for a pot of Assam tea and a small bite to eat, but hang it all — “Yes - I’ll have a martini please – Plymouth Gin, straight up, with a twist...”

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