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When I first saw the Alpine Eagle on the wrist of Alexander Kraft* as part of its official launch by Chopard yesterday, my first impression was that it was an obvious Gérald Genta Royal Oak or Nautilus clone  (and why not—arguably these are the two most desirable watches in the world).  You can always rely on HODINKEE however to let you know that the real truth of the Eagle Alpine’s lineage is much more interesting (link here)


Retailing at significantly less than both of those great timepieces—as Mr Kraft himself, always with a keenly acute realtors eye for undervalued excellence, was keen to point out to me.  Currently unburdened by the legendary waiting list associated with those of the two timepieces too the Alpine Eagle is obvious hugely desirable and destined to be an instant classic.  If I was in the queue with Audemars Piguet or Patek Philippe I know what I’d be wearing whilst I waited for my number to be called.

*If you're interested in following Mr Kraft yourself, either for his advice sartorial, horological or simply to find out about his terrier Bertie's latest adventures at la Maison Bleue, his impeccable guest house in Ampus, then his instagram is @alexander.kraft

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