“There are people who would perhaps call me a dilettante because it looks like I’m having too much fun. I have never been convinced there’s anything inherently wrong in having fun.” - George Plimpton

The Senior Issue #7

Issue 7 - August 7th, 2020

This issue was born in concept in May but due to other concerns has taken much too long to pull together.  My changing tastes and interests, which seem to vary with the seasons, meant that as time progressed too the initial impetus of inspiration was lost.  I thought about hanging it altogether but then looked back and read what I had already prepared and that inspired me to finish what I'd started.  Hopefully it might inspire or at least entertain you dear reader too.  George Plimpton, himself who sits at the core of this issue has been an idol of my life for many years.

April 25th, 2020

Rights issues have made it difficult to find since its initial release but Plimpton! the wonderful documentary is well worth seeking out.  My favourite portion of the film is the touching moment George's son reads his fathers "Things every man should do before he dies"  I've reproduced this here.  Do look out for the film.

April 2th. 2020

Upon turning 41 I wrote this piece about why I'd started writing in the first place.

Coca Cola Chaud

April, 2020

A wonderful anecdote in the documentary "The Paris Review ...Early Chapters" has XXX, (who believed that Parisians secretly followed American emigres in their tastes) ordering hot Coca-Cola in cafes in order to start a trend that would see Parisians do the same.  Needless to say it never quite caught on.

Paris Review Back Issues

Although primarily a literary journal The Paris Review achieved a wonderful aesthetic.   The early covers are particularly rich and defined a visual style which still echoes in the Paris Review to this day.

Dinner at Elaine's

April, 2020

The website "The Moth" features a wonderful recording of George Plimpton recounting a delightfully funny tale of taking an aspiring writer to Elaine's Restaurant. 

Working From Home

September 18th, 2020

Plimpton lived in the same building from which the Paris Review was produced.  His office was that of an intellectual.

The Great Man

April, 2020

A wonderful reminiscence of George by Terry McDonnell from his own memoir features on the Paris Review's website.  Amongst the highlights - "George couldn’t remember names, especially men’s names, but that didn’t matter. “There’s the great man,” he would say at his parties, and the unnamed guest would beam. “There’s the great man” is how George once greeted a kid delivering a pizza."

August, 2019

I received lots of positive feedback about The Senior's Christmas List.  Here then is an update of those things that have been on my mind.

Bar Hemingway

August 5th, 2020

The Senior's bar stories continue with The Bar Hemingway.  This is a long one.  Best enjoyed on a large screen device and perhaps with 51 martinis.


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