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Black Velvet

Those who have had the experience of reading my work before will likely know of my thoughts on the martini as perfection encapsulated in glassware. To my mind and for the sake of argument here the martini shares a tri-level podium with two other mixed drinks. The Negroni and the Black Velvet. Leave it to Eric Twardzik in today's Drakes Diary mailer to remind me that I haven’t had a Black Velvet for close to six months (poor form for a self-confessed hedonist). Here I hand over to accomplished writer David Embury — “I was first introduced to the Black Velvet in the home of a very dear friend of mine in Montreal and I received one of the greatest of all the drinking surprises of my whole life. The combination of champagne and stout sounds terrifying—something like molasses and horse-radish. Actually, it is excellent. The champagne cuts the heavy, syrupy consistency of the stout, and the stout takes the sharp tart edge off the champagne.” Given my love, well-maintained supply and the branding of Lanson Black Label I personally find it the best choice here. For a better version too I’d recommend the non-draught original bottled version of Guinness but I rarely have this in the house.

Thanks for reading to the end on this day of rest. Sadly, I’ve just remembered the Old Fashioned and the Bloody Mary which destroy my opening argument. Given its Sunday, Ben Webster is playing, and I have a drink in my hand however I don’t have the inclination to re-write my opener. Instead I’d suggest you forget what you’ve just read and pour yourself a Black Velvet instead.

Enjoy. Cheers!

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